Environmental Laboratory

em electronix has the experience to guide your product though the maze of Qualification and Compliance testing  necessary for product compliance. Our wide range of in house qualification testing experience includes: 

  •  Dry-heat test.Environmental testing
  •  Humidity test.
  •  Low temperature test. 
  •  Rapid temperature cycling.
  •  Endurance run at elevated temperature 
  •  Rain and Leak test.

EMI/EMC Testing

  •  (MIL-STD-461,SAE, IEC 61000-4 series)
  •  Conducted Emissions                                     
  •  Radiated Emissions
  •  Conducted Susceptibility
  •  Radiated Susceptibility
  •  Transient/Load Dump
  •  Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Environmental Testing

(JSS 55555, SAE, IP classification, CSA and customer defined)

  •  Vibration
  •  Drop/bump
  •  Corrosive Atmosphere (Salt Fog)
  •  Water Immersion/Drip test
  •  Thermal shock







Phone : +91-80-23579103/04/05/06
Email : em@emelectronix.com

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