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em electronix Automotive Segment is focused on providing a truly dedicated end-to-end solutions approach to the global automotive market. At em our experienced engineers provide Joint product development services to help automotive companies realize there concept to product. em electronix over the years has taken up turnkey projects developing several products catering to the automotive segment. Here are few of our accomplishments:


• Automatic Transmission controllers
• Transmission Control Units (TCU)
• Electronic vehicle Monitoring systems
• Warning Cluster
• Wire harness and more…


• Automatic Transmission controllers
• Electronic vehicle monitoring system
• Steering control system
• Payload monitoring system
• On-board diagnostic system
• Sensor’s
• Wire Harness and more…


• Automatic Transmission controllers
• Remote gear controller and more..


Turnkey manufacturing:

Selecting a turnkey manufacturing partner is all about creating synergies - Tactically combining core competencies to produce an end result greater than the sum of its parts! em electronix knows about parts - and partnerships. Being one of the oldest EMS Company in India em leverages its vast experience and supplier network to jointly work with automotive companies and help them reach their goal faster!

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Phone : +91-80-23579103/04/05/06
Email : em@emelectronix.com

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