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Standards followed

em electronix  has adopted standards like Mill- HDBK, JSS 5555,MIL 461E, IPC 770B and many more. em’s staff is regularly trained on these standards. This makes em’s products highly reliable as even commercial grade products are manufactured with defense grade workmanship.

a. Workmanship standards followed at em electronix are:

                   MIL-P-55110
                   IPC-A-600
                   IP C-CON-770
                   MIL-46058
                   ANSI-J-STD-001D
                   IPC-HDBK-001
                   MIL-C-28809

b. Environmental testing Standards:

                   JSS 55555

c. MIL EMI/EMC Testing Standards:

                   MIL 461E


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Email : em@emelectronix.com

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