On Highway, Off Highway, Armored Vehicles

• Automatic Transmission controllers
• Transmission Control Units  (TCU)
• Electronic vehicle Monitoring systems
• Warning Cluster
• Wire harness
• Steering Control System
• Payload Monitoring System
• On-board Diagnostic System
• Smart Sensor’s and Transmitters
• Remote Gear Controller
• Speed Processors, RPM Counters.
• Programmable high precision timers
• Hour meter, Speedometer, Odometer.
• And More…..


• Power electronic systems for defence applications
• Radar & Sonar Sub-Systems
• Missile Launcher Electronics
• Defence Communication Systems
• Transmission Controller for Battle Tanks
• Rugged Defence Grade Regulated Power Supplies
• Defence Grade Battery Chargers
• Key Power Systems for ON-Board Naval Warship & Submarines.
• Open loop controllers for Aero Engines
• Aircraft engine test bed
• Dedicated micro boards / Real-time Operating System CPU cards.
• Ruggedized Power switching devices
• Rugged Battery chargers DCDC converters
• Isolation transformers
• Ruggedized Monitoring and Diagnostic panel. And More…..


• Temperature  Indicators, Controllers, Scanners
• Digital and Analogue Speed Sensors
• Speed Indicators, Controllers
• Speed Processors and UP-Down Counters
• RPM Stroke Counters, Proximity Sensors
• Temperature Sensors and Probes
• Digital Panel Meters
• Process Timers and Sequential Controllers
• Process Transmitters
• Data Loggers
• DC Regulated Power Supplies
• Battery Chargers/DC-DC Converters
• Controllers for Concrete Mixers
• Sensors and Data acquisition systems
• Hoist Controllers and Payload monitoring Systems.
• Diagnostic Systems and many more…
• Instrumentation Systems for Thermal Power plants
• Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
• Automation Systems for Green energy and Smart Grid Initiatives
• And More…

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